I perfom quick and professional DRÄGER 6510 Alcotest. Order a simple way of examining the Degree of  Alcohol Intoxication: breath Alcohol Test.  I use sophisticated electronic Drager Alcohol Tester- DRÄGER 6510.  Alcohol Testing is necessary to keep all  Employees safe and reduce Alcohol related Death or Injury at the Work Place.  

Substance abuse experts and business researchers alike warn that substance abuse problems are not the sort of problems that tend to go away by themselves. Rather, they often continue to grow and fester, further strangulating the business’s productivity and profitability. Substance abuse often ends up being a tremendous drain on a company’s fiscal well-being. This drain takes many forms, including decreased productivity, increased absences, rising numbers of accidents, use of sick leave, and jumps in workers’ compensation claims.

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Test alkoholiziranosti