Asset Search in Slovenia

Asset Tracing  /  Asset Recovery in Slovenia - Order Debtor Inquiries / Debtor Tracing in Slovenia that includes:

  • Possesion of a vehicle
  • Employment data (employer, workplace)
  • Possesion of real estates or land
  • Personal Datas (Birth date, address(-es), marital status, current contact information)
  • Tax Number (personal, business)
  • Possesion of boats or yachts
  • Possesion of planes
  • Personal and business Bank Accounts
  • Companies owned at home and abroad
  • Other Information openly available and neccessary for successful debt collection

Conducting Assets Discovery requires a licensed private investigator who collects all relevant data on your debtor so you can process with your judgement execution / judgement enforcement / judgement collection. Debtors tracing also requires that a client of detective services has a legal court resolution which is a legal basis for the search in different state's evidences.  Due date is important as it reveals by when your debtor must have paid your judgment. If you have had your judgment for several years, you need to make sure it is not about to expire. If you fail to renew your judgment before it expires, you will lose it forever.

If I found out that your debtor is a judgment proof debtor I will let you know early enough. A judgment proof debtor is someone who has so little property and few prospects of getting anything in the future that attempting to pursue him or her for your money would be so troublesome that it would not be worth your time.

You can also hire me to serve your debtor papers during your lawsuit. I also complete a proof of service form -a certificate of service after your paperwork has been served. You then have to return your proof of service or certificate of service to the court immediately.

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