Detective Services

Detective services include business and individual Private Investigations. Offered licenced Detective Services are:

  • Asset Search
  • People Search
  • Due Diligence
  • Background Investigation
  • Business (Credit / Business / Commercial Risk) Investigation
  • Counterfeiting Goods Investigation / Research
  • Mystery Shopping

The work of Private Investigators is defined in Article 26 of the Law on Private Investigating Activity. It says: A private Investigator may collect Information directly from the Person who is the Subject of the Investigation, from other Persons who possess Information and are willing to provide it voluntarily, and from the public media. The Information may concern (copied from: Private Investigation Chamber in the Republic of Slovenia):

  • Persons who are either missing or hidden,
  • Debtors,
  • Writers or senders of anonymous Letters,
  • Persons who have caused material Damages,
  • Items which are stolen or missing,
  • the Loyalty of Employees in obeying Competition Restriction Clauses,
  • Data on the Effectiveness and Professionality of legal Entities,
  • Evidence needed to ensure or demonstrate the rights and procedural rights of a client before judicial bodies.

This concerns:

  • All kinds of Civil Cases (Compensation, Ownership issues, Real Estate, Labour, Marriage, Family, etc.),
  • Private Lawsuits for Crimes against Honour and Good Name (Insulting, Slandering, Gossiping, etc.),
  • Execution Proceedings (Checking the Possibility of write of Execution).

Private investigators can also gather Information for Evidence needed by a Client to ensure or demonstrate his/her Rights and procedural Rights before Bodies such as:

  • Magistrate Court, the Police, the Customs, the Income Tax Administration, etc. and
  • Organisations such as: Chambers (of Commerce, etc.), Associations, Unions, Economic Companies (Labour Disputes), etc.
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