Detective Work

Detective Work in Slovenia currently performs 81 licenced Detectives / Private Investigators. There are 65 male Private Investigators and 16 female Private Investigators. The majority of Private Investigators serve Business Companies  & Public Organizations offering: Alcotest at Work, Sick Leave Control, Mileage Control, Process Serving, Debtors Tracing, etc.. Some  of us also work with foreign (private / business) Clients doing Researches in Counterfeiting, Mystery Shopping, Heirs Tracing, Due Diligence, Debtors Tracing, Cars / Truck / Cargo Recovery, etc.. Private Investigators are required to be licensed in Slovenia.

Private Investigator with the Expertise, Experience and permissible technical Equipment can collect Information (copied from: Private Investigation Chamber in the Republic of Slovenia):

  • directly from the Person who is the Subject of Investigation,
  • from other Persons who possess information and are willing to provide the Data to a Private Investigator voluntarily,
  • from the public Media,
  • from the Records of permanently and temporarily registered Persons regarding Employment and the Ownership of Motor vehicles,
  • from judicial and administrative Documents,
  • from publicly accessible Sources of Information.
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