Due Diligence

New Foreign Business Partner represents a potential Business Risk. To minimize Risk order Due Diligence (DD):

  • check of credentials (partner's background and experiences),
  • ownership structure (private, state),
  • check of financial qualifications (analysis of financial records for past 3-5 years or more),
  • personnel,
  • physical facilities,
  • reputation,
  • check of business references, etc..

Business Information Search for business Clients or for major (home, foreign) Investors. Order the relevant Information about the target Company/ target Subject  from:

  • (Business) Registers,
  • open Sources,
  • People who know and are willing to share Information (Competitors, Unions, Customers, Partners, former Employees of the Company).

 Business Risk Report (BRR) include:

  • Business Information Search,
  • Individual Information Search,
  • Other Infomation Search (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Monte Negro, Macedonia).

Prevent the:

  • External Risks from Investments & Business Cooperation,
  • Internal Risks in Human Resources, Production & Finances.

Investigation of Trademark Infringement

The Investigation checks a Violation of the exclusive Rights attaching to a Trademark  without the Authorization of the Trademark Owner or any Licensees. Trademark Infringement may occur when Infringer, uses a Trademark which is identical or confusingly similar to a Trademark owned by another Party, in relation to Products or Services which are identical or similar to the Products or Services which the Registration cover. Company has Experiences in Counterfeited Cartridges & Tonners Investigation. Counterfeit merchandise is everywhere: adulterated medicine, bogus batteries, or wannabe Guccis. The Purpose of this Investigation is to identify any Counterfeiting Operation that compromises your Brand.

If you are a Brand Owner, who suspects that its products are infringed upon or counterfeited you can hire me to visit some Stores / Showrooms / Trade Fairs, speak to Salespeople, determine who the Owner of the Store is and ascertain the Scope of the infringing or counterfeit Activity. The most important and difficult part is to determine the counterfeit Distribution Chain.

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