You can order Act for the internal controls on sick leave, alcohol and drugs testing in the workplace and determining eligibility for transportation costs. In annex I will attach free of charge:

  • Minutes of Sick leave control
  • Minutes of the alcohol breath test
  • The minutes of the drug test
  • Minutes of the control of the travelling expenses
  • Order to alcotest
  • Order for the removal from the workplace
  • Statement of the alcohol / drug test abuse

Act  of the internal controls must be make public and it is necessary to inform all of the employees.

Legal basis: 32 Article of the Labour Relations Law (ZDR) gives right to an employer, to lay down  ther rules for the  internal controls with the Act or the Regulations. 32nd Article ZDR (taking into account the employer's instructions)  provides that the worker must take into account the employer's requirements and guidance regarding compliance with contractual and other obligations arising from employment.

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