Preemployment Screening

I offer verification of education (certificates, diplomas, licenses), verification of past employments and references delivered by your potential candidates for employment. A key part of any recruitment process should be the background check before employing a person. Background check or preemployment screening gives the employer an insight into past behavior patterns, tendencies, and probable future behavioral patterns of an employee. The employer has naimly a duty to prudently and carefully choose a new employee. Companies are using the check on the current and prospective employees to protect their liability and to ensure accuracy of the listed qualifications  which employees indicate in their resumes or job applications.

Checks before employment are necessary, because some applicants for the post deliberately fake their CVs, certificates or recommendations. Checks before employing a new candidate reduces the risk of employing an individual who is prone to theft, violence, drugs, or any other problems. Usually the higher  job title brings also higher security risk, therefore a more thorough background investigation is necessary for more demanding jobs. 

In accordance with the Slovenian Law on Protection of Personal Data (ZVOP), a private investigator can  collect and check only the information that indicates whether an applicant meets the tender conditions for a job or not. Slovenian Private Investigator can therefore collect only information that can be asked also during the employment interview. This means that the employer is entitled only to data that is needed to determine whether a candidate is suitable and appropriate for a particular job.

Pre - Employment Background Investigation

For the Pre - Employment Screening to be legal in Slovenia a Client / Private Investigator must obtain a Permission of a Candidate. A Candidate's Permission to screen is essential to comply with the Law. Pre- Employment Background Investigation includes (depends from Client):

  • Employment History verifies Employment References, Dates of Employment, Positions held, Attitude and Relationships with Co-workers.
  • Employment References includes Verification and Confirmation of Credentials received.
  • Education Verification verifies School grades, Degree and any professional Qualifications obtained.
  • Identification of Gaps in Employment history.
  • Identity and Address Verification verifies whether the Applicant is who he or she claims to be. Generally includes Verification of the Candidate’s present and previous Addresses. Verification is important to ensure that you are dealing with true Information and that, in the Future, you will be able to find your Employee.
  • Ownerships & Directorships verifies whether an Applicant has its own Companies at Home or Abroad. Conflicts of Interest, including aggressive Competition may be avoided by ensuring that Backgrounds do not suggest you are about to enter an undesired employment Relationships.
  • Criminal History Report - Detective shall be entitled to examine court and administrative records, if the giver of the authorisation has such right himself.

For the purpose of obtaining the information stated above, the person to whom the requested information relates, needs not be previously informed that the information shall be gathered and needs to sign the written agreement.

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