Process Serving

South - East European Process Serving  /  Legal Courier Service

I'm a special process server working as independent contractor hired to serve legal documents, or process. The preponderance of these papers involve civil cases (divorce and child custody, personal injury, breach of contract, etc.). Lack of process service stalls the judicial system. The primary job is to serve papers for the lawyear and the court. I offer prompt and proper personal Delivery of legal court Documents such as Summonses, Complaints, Subpoenas, Writs and other Court / business Documents  to the directed Individual. Personal service is the best and least disputed kind of service. I serve Documents in Slovenia and within Balkan Territory and Countries, either Members / Signatories of the European Union / Hague Convention or Not.

When process serving is succesful a client receives a return affidavit, which is an evidence of personal service by hand delivery and positive identification of the receiver. I serve according to the Slovenian law of process serving: Rules of Civil Procedure (ZPP). If the person doesn't want to physically take the papers or, if they don't want to sign the affidavit, I write down the report: the reasons of rejection and describe the situation of serving. In this manner the person was still being served in Slovenia. If a client is from abroad I serve in accordance with the rules of the jurisdiction in which the foreign paper (documents that originate in jurisdictions outside the one in which service is to be made) were issued. Such process service for foreign paper must come with instructions, perhaps the Rules of Civil Procedure regarding the service of process for that state. You will have to guide me on what is acceptable service in your case.

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