Sick Leave Control

Providing Human Resource Departments the Evidence necessary to prove:  Employee false Absenteeism / Sickness and / or Breach of Contract Violations in the Slovenian Workplace. Most employees are conscientious Workers with good Attendance records (or even if they are forced to miss significant amounts of work, the reasons are legitimate). However, it is estimated that as many as three of hundred Workers are likely to exploit the System by taking more than the allotted sick time or more days than actually necessary.

If your Company suspects Employees of Malingering, false Absenteeism, persistant Sickness or falsely claiming Injury Costs, then it's time to order Sick Leave Control in Slovenia. The Sick Leave Control is legal and serves Clients in Court Procedures for Disciplinary or / and Employees Dismisall. The Burden of proving that Employment Termination was based on non-discriminatory Grounds rests with the Employer, who can hire a Private Investigator to collect lawfull Evidence of Infringements of temporary Absence from Work.

An Employee on Sick - Leave can have his / her Sick-Leave Benefits terminated if Employer can proove (photos) that the Employee is cheating and is in fact able to work. The Costs of long-term Sick-Leave can be very high.

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