I'm officially licensed Slovenian Detective Simona Zaze, with the License No. 131. I'm Economist with a University Degree in the Direction of International Trade by Proffession. I have continued my Postgraduate Study in the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, where I have gained the official Title: Specialist of Crime Investigation. The Postgraduate Thesis bears the Title: "The permissible Limits of Economic Inquiry."

Investigative Activity in Slovenia is relatively young Industry, but I believe that more Development and Activity is to be expected. Detectives Activity is a specific economic Service which has gained its Importance since the Adoption of the Investigative Activity Law (hereinafter referred to as ZDD) in 1994. Investigator, Collector and Seeker of the relevant Facts and Information still develops his Role in Slovenian Society.

Inquires are based on a prepared Detective Plan. Clear investigative Results are Purpose of each Assignment.

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