I offer observation, tracking, monitoring and proper documentation of events around the Object or Person for demonstrating consequential lost  or damages. Sometimes unscrupulous persons construct fake accidents and sue businesses, looking for settlements out of the court. In this case, they don't need to care about details of the accident or injury. More companies naimly find it less time and money consuming to pay someone who's threatening a lawsuit than go to court. But there are also companies who decide  to pay investigation for the alleged suspicious injury. You can hire me to document the claimant's daily activity for proving the con.

Workers Compensation Claims Investigation

In cases that involve fraudulent workers' compensation claims, long-term covert observation of a person suspected of fraud is being carried out. If the observed person performs an activity that contradicts Injuries stated in a worker's compensation claim, the investigator would take video or photographs to document the activity and report it to the client.

Issues Monitoring

  • Monitoring of printed and broadcast Media
  • Analysis and translation of local Materials
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